Jisu Kim, Design(er)




Lilium Aviation

Identity Development

Lilium is a groundbreaking aviation start-up based in Munich that is dedicated to developing and building the world's first fully electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) jet to make a world where anyone can fly anywhere and anytime.

The Lilium’s new logomark “Aerium” is inspired by Otto Lilienthal’s (German pioneer of aviation) glider design, the wings of a bird, and the bold boost of the turbofan propelling it forwards. It consists of modular forms that can provide flexibility across different media forms, to portray connection, exploration, and sustainability. With a goal of pioneering air taxi travel, this new identity commits to the role of creating a new form of transportation for everyone.

Instructor: Gerardo Herrera

Year: 2018


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Mobile & Smartwatch App︎︎︎

Interactive Kiosk︎︎︎

Spatial Graphics︎︎︎

Augmented Reality UI—Vehicle WIndow︎︎︎

Lilium Trade Show︎︎︎

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