Jisu Kim, Graphic Design(er)




03. Weve
Category: UI/UX / Year: 2020

Weve is an online grocery shopping platform that lets users split bulk products from wholesale stores for individual purchasing with just a few clicks. Weve aims to ease the burden of grocery shopping and encourage consumers to buy only what they need by offering the split feature to divide a single item into separate amounts to help cut down on wasteful consumption.

Instructor: Paula Seo


Duration: 14 weeks/Individual Work
Tools: Adobe XD, Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects

(process available on desktop only)

The Problem

Now more than ever, most people are living alone. Grocery shopping for one person is a big challenge. Paying rent, managing bills, and other variable expenses—people make every penny count.

What If?

What if users can evenly split items and take only what they need?

The Solution

Weve aims to ease the burden of grocery shopping and help decrease wasteful consumption by encouraging users to buy only what they need, with the ability to divide bulk items into separate items between multiple shoppers.


The Design Criteria

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